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A Guide to Planters


Perimeter security is a priority for any high-profile areas or events which are open to the general public.


Providing effective perimeter protection without creating an intimidating environment can be a difficult challenge

Perimeter security products need to both stop hostile vehicles from causing damage and endangering pedestrians whilst blending into the architectural design of their surroundings.

Our Counter Terror Planters offer a robust option for stopping incoming vehicle attacks and can be tailored to your project.



What are planters?

Planters are outdoor plant containers used in a variety of architectural projects. They are both decorative and functional and can visually enhance any street scene. In many ways, they are the perfect way to provide highly effective perimeter security without causing alarm.

Planters have good soil depth to allow for roots which may be deeper than traditional flower beds. Because flower beds are elevated, they may also be less prone to accidental damage from pedestrians walking by.

Planters are installed with drainage systems as standard to ensure that any water is dispersed effectively.

They are perfect for decorative purposes in any outdoor project as they allow you to bring a touch of colour to the architectural design of an area. The flora included is the main feature, but having a planter with a classic design means whatever plants or flowers you choose to include – it will never look out of place.

Along with purely decorative purposes, planters also fulfill an even more vital function – security. Unbeknown to most, planters are often used as a form of perimeter security and are often used as part of sophisticated Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems (HVM). The beauty of planters is their subtlety. The nature of  Hostile Vehicle Mitigation system is to provide perimeter security whilst looking in keeping with the surroundings.

We offer a range of PAS 68 which planters which fulfil both functions. Not only do they allow you to showcase all your flora, but they can stop a hostile vehicle moving up to 40mph.

What is PAS 68?

BSi PAS 68 is a Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security barriers.It is known as the industry standard for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment and it sets a benchmark of performance for all products.

PAS 68 takes into account the vehicle type, the mass of the test vehicle and the impact speed, along with the required measurements and test item details– all of which is recorded and reported.

After the impact, and once the test vehicle has been fully immobilised, the penetration distance is measured.

The dispersion of any major debris is also recorded as this may be an important consideration at certain sites where safety is paramount, namely areas in which pedestrians flow through freely.

The measurements obtained from the testing are vital in providing information on what product is best for each project.

It must be remembered that PAS 68 testing is just that, testing. Although it gives the most accurate representation – there are always elements of uncertainty in real-life situations which are difficult to account.

Despite this, the measurements taken from PAS 68 testing ensure the upmost level of security is present to give peace of mind to both pedestrians and specifiers alike.

Why choose Townscape planters?

Townscape planters are intended to be both attractive and practical.

They can be utilised in city centres to provide a subtle security barrier around any appropriate areas which may benefit from perimeter security.

Our Counter Terror Planters incorporate our Counter Terror Blocks with a low-profile foundation which is embedded in the ground. Added to this is a heavy section hardwood timber casing, drainage material and a planting membrane. The hardwood we use is FSC certified, which ensures it is sourced from the most well-managed forests. Our planters are also available in either a Granite, Dekton or Stainless steel finish

They are also extremely practical as they allow a good depth of soil for roots and allow natural or automatic watering with good drainage facilities.

Our planters can also be fitted to our PAS 68 Counter Terror Bollards. The Dekton or Stainless steel sleeves fit over our the Counter Terror bollards, creating a sturdy planting system with all the strength of our PAS 68 products.

Our planting units allow for a good depth of soil for roots which allows natural or automatic watering with good drainage facilities.

Planters are a brilliant way to bring a touch of colour via shrubbery and flora which can bring streetscapes to life.

Our planters come in a range of finishes and have inbuilt drainage. The styles we offer are wooden planters, concrete planters , steel and stainless steel planters.

All ten of our stylish concrete finishes can complement paving products of any imaginable style or design which makes them a strong choice for any project.

Some of which include exposed aggregate surface finishes using river bed materials, granites or limestone aggregates that are fashioned to accompany alternative concrete products.

PAS 68 planters are installed in a similar way to our Counter Terror blocks. They are recessed 100 mm into the ground meaning that vital utilities aren’t disturbed by the installation. Not only does this save cost – it saves time and means protection can be set in place at quick notice.

As we manufacture all our street furniture in the UK, Townscape can create bespoke planters which blend in with your architectural designs.

To discuss your individual requirements with one of our street furniture experts, please give us a call.

For more information on our security planters which are part of Townscape’s industry leading integrated security systems, please visit our PAS 68 hostile mitigation range.



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