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A Guide to Solar Bollards

Bollards are a part of nearly every urban landscape and provide an important role in ensuring areas are safe and protected.

Naturally, bollards which incorporate solar-cell technology are the next logical progression of a product which is dedicated to keeping pedestrians safe.

Not only are bollards used to border the perimeter of an urban environment, they can now be used to keep areas lit during times of low-level light.

Along with all the benefits of regular bollards, solar models breathe new life into the concept of intelligent street furniture, and they are lighting the way for future innovation.

Principally, bollards are used for security, traffic management and pedestrian control, however, the solar bollard brings a whole new dimension to the everyday street furniture essential.

Our solar bollards utilise cutting-edge technology to change natural light into solar energy, which is efficiently stored to be used when appropriate.

With the demand for solar bollards on the rise, the emphasis is on authorities and private companies alike to use products that are not only built for purpose but are paving the way for renewable energy and sustainability.

Why choose Solar bollards?

There is a large number of reasons why specifying and procuring solar bollards is beneficial. This includes the sustainability of the product, it’s improved performance at night and the cost savings solar bollards can offer in the long term.

We offer a range of solar products all of which carry a number of functional benefits which we have detailed below:


A large amount of the energy consumed through the national grid is reliant on fossil fuels which is, in turn, causing huge damage to our environment.

Renewable sources of energy are one of the many answers to the problem of climate change and so there is increasing demand for environmentally friendly products across a number of sectors.

Solar bollards are one of the key environmental inventions in the street furniture industry and provide a vital role in ensuring areas remain well-lit. Providing the energy to run a non-solar bollard fitted with a light in dimly lit areas is expensive and inefficient.

In some areas, providing light at night is an absolute necessity. In these instances, solar bollards are the perfect option.

Left to gather enough solar energy in the day, they are charged to provide light through the night.

After their initial installation, they will pay for themselves with the amount of money saved.

The amount of solar energy available is natural, limitless and free to all.

Utilising the latest in solar technology, our bollards are a highly efficient, cost-effective and greener lighting option for towns, cities and villages.

Our bollards emit a low-level light and also a brighter light when sensors detect passers-by. Rather than using lighting which remains on constantly, a switch to products such as ours means light pollution will be reduced hugely and energy will be used more efficiently.

Cost efficiency

Once our solar bollards are installed, the running costs are reduced to zero as the product begins to pay for itself with the money saved on energy. The quality of our products means they require minimal upkeep and they will last for a number of hassle-free years.

Our products are less of a purchase and more of an investment as the quality assurance we assign to all our solar bollards means you are getting only the best.


Nationwide there are swathes of dimly lit areas which most people try their best to avoid. Be it a park, a gloomy alleyway or shadowy canal – every town, village and city has numerous areas which could benefit from solar bollards.

Dimly lit areas are such a problem that people actively go out of their way to avoid them. This makes them more than a slight inconvenience when you have to take the long way around, but an actual danger to people’s safety.

Unfortunately, crime goes hand in hand with dimly lit areas and a lack of surveillance. In this respect, solar bollards can provide better lighting and they create an environment less conducive to crime.

Using motion sensor technology, the bollards turn on when pedestrians approach, lighting their path and illuminating the surrounding areas.

Improving lighting will not only help to reduce crime, but will also lessen the amount of accidents related to poor visibility. For example, the number of people falling off bicycles because of an unexcepted dip in the path may decrease.

Lighting these areas provides a necessary service to prevent avoidable accidents from happening.

Why choose Townscape Solar Bollards?

Townscape Products are known for quality and longevity.

We have been an industry leader in UK street furniture industry for more than 40 years and we are dedicated to providing the best products.

We provide durable, high-quality products which are both stylish and sure to stand the test of time.

If you’d like a bespoke quote, let us know about your project and we’ll let you know what product works best.

Or, look at our selection of solar bollards online and find for yourself what works best.

Email or give us a quick call on 01623 513 355.


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