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Ancient ‘Macbeth’ trees in danger

Perusing the news this week, I was alarmed to read that two iconic trees are in danger.

The Oak and Sycamore situated in Birnam Woods and made famous by Shakespeare’s Macbeth, are at risk after being damaged by Storm Desmond in December.

The storm damage combined with its ripe old age have caused the Oak – thought to be at least 500 years-old – to rot from the trunk, according to the BBC and The Telegraph.

To add to the problem, the branches have continued to grow and add weight, sparking fears that they will split the tree in two!

The 300 year-old Sycamore, which can also be seen in the woods near Dunkeld, Perthshire, is weak and has a hollow trunk.

The trees, thought to be the last survivors from the medieval forest, will be missed by many should they be lost forever, as thousands of visitors are drawn to the site each year.

In an attempt to save the Oak, the branches will be shortened to relieve some weight whilst still preserving its shape and appearance. 

Trust Manager, Morag Watson, said: ‘‘Obviously the trees are extremely elderly and we are constantly monitoring them. We know how important these trees are to people and we want to keep everyone up to speed with our plans.’’ 

Let’s hope these legends can be brought back to good health!

As you might expect, hearing the news that these trees have been damaged in their natural habitat has got me thinking about the role street furniture can play to protect young trees in the urban environment!

Tree furniture can help newly-planted trees get off to the best start in life, giving them the best chance to develop into age-old legends like the Oak and Sycamore mentioned above.

Designed to blend in with surrounding street furniture, the Baltimore, Orbital and Sunburst grids are just a few examples of how tree furniture can make an urban space more aesthetically pleasing, while providing essential tree protection. 
Baltimore tree grid

Our Baltimore and Moonshine tree guards can help protect young trees, ensuring they grow to be long standing features of the landscape.

To give your trees the best chance, call our team on 01623 513 355 or take a look at the full product range on our website. 

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