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Britain's sitting on a secret


Perhaps its childhood summers whiling away the hours at a park? Time spent at the seaside with fish, chips, ice creams and satisfied smiles? Or even misspent evenings as teens?

Whatever the reason, benches are an important part of our national DNA. 

They are a way of bringing a great luxury and convenience of the indoors – to the spacious outdoors. They provide us with a focal point. Time to reflect. A reason not to rush.

And when it comes to taking up a prized perch, there’s nothing that quite matches the outdoor seating qualities of a humble wooden bench.

There’s something comforting about them. Their organic nature. Innate temperature control. The smooth touch and feel. The perfect place to park yourself.

In no way is this more epitomised than by the popularity of benches becoming memorials. What better place to think about somebody than a place with time and a view.

Wooden benches are a street furniture institution here in the UK and they come in a vast range of shapes, sizes and styles.

Here at Townscape we aim to provide a range of models to suit a range of needs.

A city centre redevelopment scheme for example, might be well suited to a sleek and modern bench with steel finishings.

A more traditional village might require something humble and less ornate. Indeed a heritage or conservation zone might be better suited to a wooden bench that looks more antiquated or traditional.

The great thing about working with timber to create a bench is that it enables a plethora of options.

Timber is a versatile material that stands the test of time. Here at Townscape we use Sadolin treated quality hardwood timber to ensure our wooden benches stand the test of time.

This means the products can be relied upon, sat upon and withstand regular use. They also do our national need for a public perch, real justice.

If you’re looking to specify wooden benches, we believe we have one that will be ideal to match your needs. Simply take a look at our full range, or give us a call to discuss any further street furniture needs.

Happy sitting.


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