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Concrete planters - enhancing the streetscape in more ways than one

It’s spring! Cue the sudden burst of floral arrangements greeting the unsuspecting public on every street corner of towns and cities across the UK.

With the demand for visual enhancement of the floral variety a priority once again for the high street, it’s important to make an impact with the right item of street furniture, and we have just the product line - enter concrete planters!

Designed to be both decorative and functional, our concrete planters come in a wide range of sizes and various exposed natural aggregate and smooth prestige finishes. Their natural, rugged appearance makes them the perfect addition to parks and precincts, whether you're browsing a warwick, cottage trough, patio or a roman planter. And with paving available to match, you’re sure to find a concrete combination for your town project.

However, our concrete planters aren’t just useful for providing an alternative visual display to standard hanging baskets and flowerbeds, they also have another very important function – the ability to provide highly effective perimeter security to help you meet Hostile Vehicle Mitigation standards. If this is a priority for your project, this can be taken a step further.

PAS 68 Planters

With vehicle borne terror attacks becoming alarmingly more commonplace across the UK and Europe, it’s never been more important to consider the role fixed ground perimeter security solutions can play within highly populated areas.

Our Counter Terror planters are ideal for guarding the perimeter of public buildings, transport hubs and busy centres. With our PAS 68 standard Counter Terror block at the core – weighing 2.2 tonnes – and the ability to prevent a 7.5T vehicle incursion at speeds of up to 40mph, the Counter Terror planter is a highly effective vehicle deterrent.

While preventing vehicle incursion is their main function, the additional hardwood timber surround gives them a more visually appealing appearance to remain in keeping with a town centre’s surroundings.

They also come with built in drainage material and a planting membrane, meaning maintenance is minimal.

So, if improving fixed ground perimeter security and providing Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is a priority for your town project, look no further than the PAS 68 planter.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Whatever your concrete planter needs, we can help. Because we manufacture our planters here in Nottinghamshire, we can create bespoke planters to suit your exact requirements. For more information, give us a call on 01623 513 355.

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