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Kung Bin Panda! How China is using novelty bins to encourage recycling

Shanghai has commissioned a new type of bin as part of several schemes introduced by city officials to make Shanghai more environmentally friendly.

The bins with an irresistibly charming design are part of an incentive to encourage Shanghai residents to help those in need by donating local clothing.

Photo credit: ChinaFotoPress 

These aren’t any old bins though – the panda ears contain a sensor which sends a message to a collection company when the bins are nearly full. That’s right, they’re smart bins! 

Clothes deemed to be in good condition will be donated to poorer areas in the city, and the rest of the clothing will be recycled. 

The scheme began in 2012, and 800 new and improved panda bins have been introduced as part of a huge expansion on the back of the pilot scheme’s success. Busy Nanjing Pedestrian Road and Huaihai Park in central Shanghai have now seen an invasion of the cute bins. 

Shanghai authorities are hoping to add a further 4,000 panda bins this year. 

As you might expect, seeing these innovative bins has got me thinking about Townscape bins! Our Voltan range can certainly bring a touch of the fun factor with a range of bright colours available.

The Voltan Pedestal Bin is perfect for withstanding the elements thanks to its stainless steel core, and with a vast colour range, you can find the perfect waste storage facility to blend in with your surroundings. 

The Voltan Round Steel Litter Bin is a perfect accompaniment to revive any urban jungle, available in rail red, oxford blue and forest green.
litter bin

As for the Voltan Demi, it certainly means business with its discreet wall function and vibrant exterior. The opportunities are endless!

So whatever your needs, give our friendly team a call on 01623 513 355 or take a look at the extensive product range on our website. Just don’t come to us for panda bins!

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