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Kung Bin Panda! How China is using novelty bins to encourage recycling

Shanghai has commissioned a new type of bin as part of several schemes introduced by city officials to make Shanghai more environmentally friendly. more

Bins: litter-ally transforming public spaces from rubbish to radiant!

Townscape Products

Have you ever looked at a bin and thought, ‘that newly restored bin is certainly brightening up this bustling landscape, and definitely helping to restore our town centre to its former glory!’ No? Well here’s why you should! more

You've got a friend in Townscape benches

Townscape Products

We’ve all been there at some point in our early years – sat alone on a bench in the school playground longing for a friend to sit and talk to. And it seems that loneliness is just as much of a worry for primary school pupils now. more

De-Faced Benches - Not On My Plaque!

Townscape Products

We’ve all seen them. Heart-warming plaques dedicated to loved ones, or pillars of the community. They adorn benches across the country, but have you ever found yourself chuckling after reading mocking messages in our very own public spaces? more

Jimmy Bollard-No Need to Dress to Impress

Townscape Products

For those of you who have been following the Townscape blog, you’ll know Jimmy Bollard (if not, where have you been?). A rock solid exterior, hard to crack and the ultimate street furniture safety provider for your towns and cities. more

A Classic Tale of Man Vs Bollard

Townscape Products

We’ve all had a few too many and embarrassed ourselves a little, but have you ever had a drunken run-in with a bollard? more

Bins don’t have to be rubbish

Townscape Products

Sustainable street furniture

Townscape Products

I was intrigued this week to read about the ‘eco warriors’ objectives of Clifton Primary School in Birmingham as they bid to improve sustainability within the school. more


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