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PAS 68 bollards – a specifiers guide to counter-terror bollard models

With a disturbing rise terrorist vehicle attacks both in the UK and continental Europe, it is imperative to think about how to protect the general public by setting in place steadfast security measures for exposed areas and prominent buildings.

The role counter terror bollards play in ensuring public safety is nothing short of vital – particularly when it comes to prohibiting vehicle access to restricted, sensitive or public areas.

Security bollards are an item of street furniture that act as both a physical and visual deterrent, meaning they can help minimise the likelihood and impact of such an attack. Their presence means public spaces, particularly pedestrianised areas, cannot be easily reached either maliciously or mistakenly by people in speeding vehicles.

Stopping the possibility of more attacks is a huge priority for the government, councils and indeed everybody charged with continually improving public safety here in the UK – so which bollards need to be specified in order for public spaces to be as safe as possible?

PAS 68 bollards

The undisputed leader in vehicle incursion protection as far as bollards are concerned, PAS 68 products guarantee the highest degree of impact resistance.

To become PAS 68 accredited, products need to stop test vehicles to a minimum penetration distance and are tested by vehicle type, test mass and impact speed. This is always the product to select for a sensitive location that requires Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. 

Our Counter Terror bollards are fully tested and can withstand the impact of a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 50 mph with devastating effect.

Security bollards

Security bollards can be manufactured from a variety of materials and are suitable for a range of settings. When planning your project and evaluating which material will be the best fit for your security barrier requirements, we can help.

Here at Townscape Products, we’re passionate about supplying high-quality bollards that meet your specific needs and requirements exactly. We offer a number of different options and styles to make sure we can offer products suited to all kinds of projects, be that to secure woodland paths and car parks or to creating separate pedestrian zones in town and city centres.

However, while we offer a vast selection of styles, our bollards come in the following materials:

  • Concrete bollards – are a good option for spaces where PAS 68 is not required and a modern architectural look is not the priority. Security bollards come in a range of materials, each with its own set of benefits. Concrete bollards are our most popular choice and the flexibility of the material means we can supply finishes to really complement the surroundings. Using our sturdy Essentials Bollard as an example, its 350mm ground recess and weight of 100 kg make it a fantastic and cost-effective way to close an area off to vehicle access. Concrete, smooth grey or smooth white work well in modern parking areas and offer a contemporary, clean finish. In more rural or scenic locations, you may wish to be sympathetic to the construction materials used in the surrounding buildings. This is where our range of ten prestige finishes is popular, made to match paving and walkways. For definite eye-catching bollards, try exposed aggregate surfaces using river bed materials, granites or limestone.
  • Polymer bollards – with an exterior PerformaCast polymer shell cast onto structural impact-optimised steel core, PerformaCast polymer bollards are stronger than cast iron making them an excellent security bollard. A great all-rounder that can be used to manage traffic flow (which is a very important role in vehicle restriction) and deter against vehicle incursion – polymer bollards are a solid option where PAS 68 is not required.
  • Stainless steel and steel bollards – forged of a material with a justified reputation for being solid and reliable, our stainless steel bollards and steel bollards carry less weight than concrete bollards, but they incorporate impact absorption technology that means they are an effective barrier to vehicle access. Where a town or city is the focus of a modern regeneration programme, stainless steel bollards are a great option. In high-profile or sensitive areas – always opt for PAS 68 accredited bollards.


For further inspiration about how to restrict access to a public space, please browse our full range for details.

Other items to consider for a counter-terror installation

Bollards are an obvious place to start when procuring products for a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation installation – but they shouldn’t be the only kind of item you specify.

To accompany PAS 68 bollards we have developed the Townscape Counter Terror Block, to prevent vehicle incursion into a zone around a building or secure area, such as pedestrian plazas, and yet lend itself to imaginative landscaping.

Architects and contractors have found Counter Terror Blocks so effective they are now being deployed in a number of high profile public and private facilities across the country, such as major airports, transport hubs, heritage sites, MOD facilities, police stations, museums and even the Tower of London. Our Counter Terror blocks are:

  • Manufactured from a unique reconstituted stone mix using specially selected aggregates. A range of colours, finishes and shapes available to suit your project
  • Tested to the PAS 68 standard and approved at the Transport Research Laboratory for the Centre for Protection of the National Infrastructure
  • Recessed into the surrounding tarmac, concrete or paved area to a depth of only 100mm – no costly disruption to underground services

Another item to consider, in order to provide visual inspiration and variation of tactics – is counter terror planters. These products, which are built around the same technology as our Counter Terror blocks – also allow for plants and shrubs to brighten up urban centres with some greenery and colour.

Why buy Counter Terror bollards with Townscape?

Townscape Products has been a leader in the UK street furniture industry for more than 40 years making us expert bollard manufacturers.

Our bollard models and PAS 68 products can be found in almost every town and city in the UK. What’s more, our buyers consistently tell us that their superior quality is immediately evident.

So if you need counter-terror bollards or PAS 68 security barriers, you have a dependable partner in us. Either select the models you need and buy them online or give us a quick call to obtain a bespoke quote 01623 513 355.


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