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Specifying Planters

Planters are an item of street furniture that allows you to punctuate any urban streetscape with a touch of nature which brings any project to life. Choosing the right planter however can often be difficult, so we’ve pulled together this guide to specifying planters to help make your decision that little bit easier, here’s how:

Consider the project

The first thing you should think about when choosing a planter is, what kind of project will it be used for? Whether your planter is for a school, a stadium, a hospital, an office, a bus stop or a pedestrian area; each project will require something slightly different. We can help you decide what planter to choose for what project, have a look below at what we recommend for each sector:

Not only do our planters look good, they are also versatile, meaning they can be used in a variety of projects across all sectors.

Consider Safety

Safety should always be a consideration, especially when planning a public project. Planters can be used to close off pedestrian areas to vehicle access - so safety, strength and security should always be a priority.

Don’t be put off by the name, our Vehicle Defence planters look unobtrusive but are still able to provide perimeter protection to any sensitive buildings or areas.

The PAS 68 rating awarded to our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation planters shows that they have been tested to industry standards, meaning they can prevent a penetrative attack from a hostile vehicle travelling up to 40mph. The style and design of the planters means that they won’t stand out to the public as security measures, but they will still provide essential perimeter protection.

Take a look at our range of Vehicle Defence options here.


Consider Size

All our planters provide a good depth of soil for roots to grow properly. This allows for both natural and automatic watering with efficient drainage measures installed as standard. We offer all of our planters in a range of sizes. The size of planter you select is dependent on the scale of your project, but be assured that we can provide you with whatever size planter you need.

We make our planters right here in the UK, meaning we create bespoke units manufactured to complement your urban environment.


Consider the finish

Once you’ve identified where it’s going, you’ll then be able to think about the finish of your planter. We offer a selection of different styles, dependent on finish, so once you’ve picked a material, you’ll have more of an idea what’s suitable for you project. Have a look at the styles and finishes we offer below:

We offer a huge range of planters, meaning we can be 100% certain that you’ll find a style best suited to your town project. Take a look at our full range here.

If you have any questions about which planter is best for your town project, or have any further street furniture needs, please contact our team on 01623 513 355.


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