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Sustainable street furniture

I was intrigued this week to read about the ‘eco warriors’ objectives of Clifton Primary School in Birmingham as they bid to improve sustainability within the school.

From rainwater harvesting to low-water-consumption fittings, there were plenty of interesting ideas about how to reduce its carbon footprint. 

Of course, efforts to increase sustainability in schools are taking place across the country, and are no surprise in light of the Government’s 2020 sustainable schools target.

At Townscape, we too have worked on some exciting sustainability projects, helping to drive down environmental impact and move towards more sustainable solutions.
One particular project which springs to mind is the eco-friendly canopy we installed for Air Balloon Hill Primary Schoolin Bristol, constructed of piqua hardwood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which ensures trees harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. 
With focus for schools and other organisations falling more and more on sustainability benefits, we have developed a wide range of street furniture options to meet this demand. 
We recently saw our innovative double-stack bicycle rack installed at Peterborough Railway Station, providing storage for 146 bikes and helping to encourage more sustainable travel to and from the station.

In terms of bollards too, we’ve been thinking green and now offer Solaris™ Bollards,  solar bollards which provide both sustainable lighting and security ideal for car parks, public walkways and recreational parks.

It’s clear to see that sustainable street furniture has an important role to play in our industry, and through our range of products we are here to meet the challenge of carbon-footprint reduction head on.

Sustainability is both the present and the future of construction, so we’ll keep innovating to keep ahead of the game!

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