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What is street furniture?

street furniture

What is street furniture? That is the question on everyone’s lips which has been plaguing the nation for centuries.

First, before we digest this odyssey of a conundrum, let’s take a moment to tell you what street furniture ISN’T.

Street furniture is NOT the abandoned chest of draws in the alley behind your house which has been populated by a family of shrews.

Nor is it the splintered rocking chair at the end of your road which has been there since Les Dennis was last on family fortunes.

Rather, street furniture is all of the captivating fixtures which make up the varied streetscape around you.

Think bollards, bins, barriers, bike racks and noticeboards. The real cherry on the top of any urban landscape. To get a real understanding of what we mean, take a look at our full selection here.

Brilliant street furniture should be both stylish and functional, and we think that we’ve got the balance down to a tee.

Not only can our bollards and concrete blocks achieve full ram raid specification to achieve strong Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, they also look stylish when they do it. 

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have cemented ourselves in the market through our dedication to high-quality, cost-effective products which behind all the sales-talk speak for themselves.

Great quality street furniture is the cornerstone of any urban utopia so make sure that when you equip yourself you have the right products at your disposal.

You wouldn’t use a plastic garden chair in your living room, so don’t settle for anything less than the finest street furniture in your streets!

At Townscape our range of street furniture is as varied as the selection of single batch gins at Queen Liz’s jubilee knees up, so we are confident to say that we can meet your every need.

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