• Event Perimeter Security

Event Perimeter Security

Townscape is pleased to announce that it's event perimeter security solutions are available to purchase through Townscape or where feasible, to hire for the duration of the event via ourselves and partner companies.

This new VAW (Vehicle as a Weapon) range is the first purpose built perimeter security system on the market. Townscape’s Sentry Block range was designed, trialled & is solely manufactured in house. The product has successfully passed the UK Governments VAWs Test. Our Sentry Block products have been created to act as a visible deterrent that stops would-be terror attacks from happening.

Our unique VAW range includes Sentry Blocks – deployable concrete blocks –  Sentry Gates, Sentry Block Gates and Sentry Block Swing Arm Gates and barriers, all of which fortify the perimeter of the event space. The Sentry Block designs & all distribution & licencing rights are owned by Townscape Products Limited.

The system enables organisers to boost security at short-term pop-up events such as festivals, fairs, fetes, concerts and carnivals with temporary perimeter security. This service is also ideal for protecting music and food festivals, carnivals and public order events against the threat of vehicle borne terrorism.

Our VAW range comes with an advisory service to assess the specific needs of your event. The system can be delivered at late notice and one of our representatives will oversee the whole process until the product is removed – leaving you free to focus on putting on a good show.

We are continually updating our catalogue so if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.